An Unconventional Nobel Laureate

Have you ever found yourself looking at the heteronormative sausage-fest that is the Nobel Prize lineup and said, “I wonder if the hoity-toity Swedish Academy will ever give the Literature Nobel to a genre-bending disabled lesbian children’s book author?” Funny you should ask

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Chicanas in Literature

First, let’s you and me get in my time machine. . . . Suddenly we are in a world in which the Mexican-American border is being nationally debated, the Mexican-American people are being treated as second-class citizens—are punished for speaking Spanish, for teaching Mexican-American history and culture.

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Reading in a Brown Body

During my first week of college, at the University of Iowa, several of us students were playing cards in my dorm room, when, unrelated to the game or to the conversation, one of the other freshmen asked me, “What are you?”

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Cassie Gonzales
Some Call it Dick Lit

Some call it Dick Lit, others call it Lad Lit, but many male authors reject both of these genre categories as being reductionist, inaccurate, and for unfairly lumping disparate novels into a single arbitrary category. How can gender be a genre, they ask

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The House-Anthropologist

I travel for work. Actually, my husband travels for work and sometimes I go with him — one of the main reasons we got married was because we like spending time together. The other reasons are more complicated and require the kinds compromises that are rarely rewarded with air-miles.

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WritingCassie Gonzales