I won StorySlam!


We got there early, my husband, and a good friend, and we meandered around for a while. There's a little gallery just outside of the performance space and I pretended to look at the artwork. Really, I watched for other readers--other people who looked at the art, guiltily, distractedly--and they looked back at me. We sized each other up. I feared that I would be the only reader without a gimmick, a musical instrument, a schtick.

I'd had the idea for the story and when I heard the theme of the night I thought of a way to make it work. I wrote it for a few weeks, taking breaks to work on my novel and some other short stories that have been kicking around in various forms on my hard drive.

I read fifth and it went well and the two judges said very nice things to me. When I sat back down my husband hugged me and kissed me, big wet kisses right the front row.

At the end of the night the two judges talked for a minute and when they came back they announced I had won.

It was great.

Check out my winning story here:

Find out more about StorySlam London here: http://storyslamlive.net/