Ministry of Stories

A few weeks ago I started volunteering for a cool new charity in London called the Ministry of Stories. They operate out of the back of a little shop that's like an old-timey dry goods store catering to the monster community of Hackney. I've been to the Monster Supply Shop lots of times and have never seen any monsters--unless they're wearing human disguises. Knowing monsters they probably are.

On Fridays the Ministry lets me write blog posts or emails or other bits of copy for them. Technically I'm their Fundraising Volunteer--but last week I fixed a broken shelf and the week before that I helped them take a complete product inventory.

Most of the other volunteers work one-on-one with students who come to the ministry to participate in intensive creative writing workshops. They've created newspapers and screenplays and many many short stories. Some of those stories are for sale.

There are lots of cool ways to get involved with MoS, either as a volunteer, or by donating some of your resources. They might even give you a cool new keychain to really bling-out your pockets.

If you're in London and love to create and share fiction and you want to make a positive impact on the lives of young people, then you should stop by the Ministry of Stories and have a look around and maybe sign up to help out. Honestly, I'm surprised you haven't done that already.