The right word.

I’ve been searching for one word to describe the texture of light that comes through antique windows.  You know, the kinds of windows that look like a tile of clear, cold river.  I searched through glassmakers' trade articles and the websites of reclaimed window dealers.  I'm certain there is one word that means what I want it to mean and it is the key to unlock this poem.  If I could find it then I'd have a great poem - a real dream of a poem - let me tell you.  But I didn’t find it.  First, I put "mullioned", then I replaced it with “marbled”.  But even now, weeks away from that poem, the insufficiency of that substitute still rankles me.  But I found other words along the way.  "Annealed".  "Incalmo".  "Millifiori".  And each of them are their own kind of key for a poem or a story that I haven't met yet.  Someday, they will be the perfect word, and I'll be lucky to have them.

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